Important News for the most brave and passionate of the Mountain.

It is for sure a News that in this period of insecurities and deprivations is going to make pleasure to the most.

So, the Tibetan Bridge Cesana-Clavière is going to reopen this Saturday 29th of May.

Some information:
The Tibetan Bridge is the longest in the World, 544 metres, with a high of about 30 metres. The path that crosses the Gorge of San Gervasio is made of the succession of three Bridges made in ropes. The path starts with the first Bridge(70 m) that crosses the Gorge perpendicularly, than arrives to the principal Bridge, that from this point follows longitudinally the course of the Gorge of Saint Gervasio in 30 metres high. At the end of the second Bridge, a Path takes you to the third and last Bridge, of 90 metres long and 90 metres high.
Average Travel Time 1.30 h

The third Bridge can be joined also by the Via Ferrata. Average total Travel time 2.30 h.


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